Oakwood Knoll
Homeowners Associatio
n, Inc.

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This residential oasis provides spacious comfort,
with the expansive design of each home.  
Drive with care through our child and pet friendly neighborhood. 

Mission Statement
To promote and encourage the maintenance of an attractive, safe and friendly world class neighbourhood.  

Next meeting of the Board of Directors and Officers:

10th January, 2017
at 6:30pm
Medulla Resource Center 
1049 Parker Road 
Lakeland, Florida 33811 
(863) 647-4035

Annual General Meeting
9th February, 2017   

Homeowners as well as Tenants, are encouraged to attend Board Meetings which are convened bi-monthly on the second Monday of each month. 




Oakwood Knoll H.O.A. * P.O. Box 5841 * Lakeland Florida 33807-5841 * info@oakwoodknoll.com
A Non-Profit Corporation

Oakwood Knoll
Homeowners Associatio
n, Inc.
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